Serona Head Office – Massage Therapy & Naturopathy

Serona Head Office

Our Headoffice and the bright and cozy practice is located in a quiet location, directly near the station Bremgarten West (2min.). Also by car the practice is easy to reach. There are customer parking spaces directly in front of the house. The therapy room is located against the green garden. The practice is in 5 min. Walking distance to the Rheuss (Casino-Bremgarten).

Our philosophy

Conscious natural nutrition, a calm and positive mind and enough appropriate movement form the cornerstones of our health maintenance. If our well-being is out of balance, we can restore our balance by adapting our dietary habits, herbal therapy, detoxification cures, manual treatment techniques and exercises; before we become seriously ill … In case of illness, we can often achieve a great relief through the above-mentioned measures; some complaints can even disappear completely. Listen to your body; Pain is a warning signal and should be noted … Your body will thank you.