Distant Healing via video call

Distant Healing by Yogi Sarath Chandra

The meditation / healings accompanied by the spiritual teacher can also be conducted over large distances via Video Call. The Master connects mentally with the client, meditating himself, and transmits his vibrations telepathically to the receiver. It can be a deep state of peace, happiness and satisfaction. Healings can be done with a previously relaxing massage treatment in the practice of house Serona or independently from home; It is important that there is peace. It should be noted that sometimes it takes several sessions to achieve complete harmonization. The meditations serve the direct healing of body, mind and soul. There are also yoga & meditation trips directly to Sri Lanka or Denmark possible to get to know the yogi in person, or just visit one of our weekend retreats here in Switzerland. Sarath speaks English very well. The contact form will give you more information.